Text, Talk, Vote creates a modern space
for healthy political conversations.

When you think about hosting a political conversation in your community, your stomach might twist as you imagine heated conflict. Text, Talk, Vote gives you the power to host a positive and engaging conversation. Learning to speak to one another about our shared problems is more important than ever. Let Text, Talk, Vote do the heavy lifting - it's absolutely free.

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What is Text, Talk, Vote?

Transform apathy and frustration into excitement and activism.

Text, Talk, Vote is a text-message based civic engagement program. Stop the cynical, shallow conversations about the future of our country. Let Text, Talk, Vote guide you and your members through a positive, engaging conversation. Our democracy needs the voices of young voters who aren’t turned off from the political process. Let's talk to each other about what really matters to us and how it will play out in this election.

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Why Text, Talk, Vote?

Older generations had public spaces like diners and barbershops to connect with their communities and talk politics.

Text, Talk, Vote creates that comfortable conversational space for the modern era. All too often, political conversations devolve into a cynical or combative “Thanksgiving Dinner” conversation. Here's how Text, Talk, Vote is different:

  • Over 80% of participants said they enjoyed the conversation
  • An additional 20% say they are “definitely going to vote”
  • 52% came away with new ideas about their political involvement or their communities

How Does It Work?

The Text, Talk, Vote platform is completely free,
and always live: Text “vote” to 42016 to give it a try.

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